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Jesse Dijksman

A couple of years ago something occurred to me, wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to ask all my friends and family to take out a subscription on my work? Then I would be able to concentrate exclusively on my creative writing for substantial periods of the year. I developed this idea and created a website with all my works (jesman.nl) to make this happen. I even opened a new bank account specifically for this purpose to deposit the earnings from my subscriptions. What I quickly realised was that many other creatives (actors, photographers, thespians, poets and artists) wanted to try this out too! This is how the Lukida platform came into being.

Starting up my own new business cost so much time that I suddenly had very little time to write short stories. Despite this, I still managed to write enough stories to compile into a nice little collection which will be published imminently. As well as this I wrote a children’s book for the occasion of occupying the Torenkamer in the Vondelpark for the AVROTROS programme Opium. This book is still in the process of being sent to publishers, but in any case the test audience was very enthusiastic!

A couple of months ago I joined the 48 hour film competition held by Cinekid in Amsterdam. As you can see from one the featured pictures here we also won ‘Best Film!’. After this I decided to move on from competitions and move into other film projects, which I will keep you all updated about!

My subscriptions include: ‘In the Film’, in which you can be featured in a movie without setting foot on a set; and ‘By the Film’, in which you can spend the day on a filmset with us including a delicious meal.

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