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Jesse Dijksman

A couple of years ago something occurred to me, wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to ask all my friends and family to take out a subscription on my work? Then I would be able to concentrate exclusively on my creative writing for substantial periods of the year. I developed this idea and created a website with all my works (jesman.nl) to make this happen. What I quickly realised was that many other creatives (actors, photographers, thespians, poets and artists) wanted to do this too!

I worked on this project for five years but couldn’t make it working yet: because this was the first organisation of this kind, it was hard to convince people to join or to particpate. After a while, I had to transform that business into something else: I started an organisation that provided artists as substitute teachers in primary schools in the Netherlands. This turned out to be a great idea: hundreds of schools provide work for hundreds of artists right now, and thousands of kids are being taught art by professional artists and art-teachers.

Still, the idea of crowdfunding with subscriptions stayed with me and I decided to start Crometa. This time with a twist: artists, scientists and journalist don’t have to send any presents to their subscribers. They just have to show that they are indeed being a journalist, scientist or artists. This is what i learned the first time I provided this service

I currently am re-writing an english language full-feature movie and have written several short movies, some in english, some subtitled in english. Several of these can be found on my personal website: jesman.nl

If you want me to continue working on this project, or if you want me to write more short stories in Dutch, or more movies in English, just subscribe!