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Jasper Griepink

Via interactive performance art, happenings, creative writing and international fieldwork I explore the skills and visions needed to create a healthy and abundant future. In general, my projects aim to emancipate forms of behavior, thinking and spirituality and furthermore help to evolve the eco-centric co-habitation of the planetary spaceship.

With an inherent interest in the holistic meeting of ecology, spirituality and various cultural narratives around our body, I began an artistic and personal exploration of the ‘Artist as a Shaman’ in 2013. The research emphasized the absence of a coherent spiritual framework in the contemporary West, forwarding cultural creators as the priestly caretakers of this wounding. I examined my own fears, desires and fantasies as a (Western) body looking for sense of unity, romance and wisdom all across the globe. My Wavy Sarong (2016) reports an awakening trek across an exotic landscape. Projects such as Laya Papaya Public Bath (2013) and SWEAT (2014–15) relate to the same research, both address the skin and the bodies of participants as the ideal medium of reviving and sharing knowledge and meeting each other.

Recently, I am integrating practices such as (social) Permaculture, (alternative) Community, Eco-Activism and Psychotherapy – shifting the emphasis of my projects from ‘the persona of the healer’ towards direct opportunities for re-shaping our socio-political environments, collectively. The blog ‘itallcomesdowntoearth’ (2017), which is a migratory community engaged in freeing our Love, Sexuality and Narratives of Partnership from cultural mandates. In Grove 2.0, Chapel of Wild Wisdom (2017) I have consciously re-rooted exotized spirituality back into European Pagan tradition, which I believe is super important. With a profuse braiding of New Wave Druidry and Ecosexuality, I aspire to re-vamp an Ancient Matriarchal Culture (damaged severely since the Roman times) in a performative manner, returning our gaze towards our local soil and bringing our beings into power!

Let’s develop a large body of inter-subjective knowledge(s), shared reflection and more grass-roots bonding amongst people so we can exchange personal remedies against separation, scarcity and global capitalism, shall we?